Sex is part of every relationship and, more often than not, it is a key to maintaining a happy relationship. However, it also has a number of health benefits for every individual. Having a healthy sex life is necessary to strengthen the bond and awareness of couples. You would be surprised at the number of couples breaking up because of bad sex experience. So how does one know that their sex life is healthy?


Here are some signs of a completely satisfying and healthy sex life:


You Feel Good

The thought of having sex with your partner excites you and not only that, it makes you feel good about yourself. There is no pressure about how you look, you just simply feel at ease and great when you are with him or her. You do not feel like having sex with him or her is a chore. If your body, mind and soul scream yes for your partner then you are completely satisfied with your sexual relationship.


You Feel Confident About your Body

No matter what size you are or how you look - skinny, curvy, heavyset, tall, short - your partner makes you feel like the most beautiful being he or she has ever seen. They make you feel great in bed and they do not make your self-conscious about the shape of your body, instead, your sex life boosts your self-confidence. Watch for more details about sex health.


Trying New Things

If you and your partner enjoy trying out new positions and adding spice to your sex life, then you are both satisfied with your sex life. If both of you have a high sex drive, trying out new things can be a great way to spice things up. Do not be afraid or shy in voicing out any sexual fantasies you want to try your partner. Who knows? You might each discover something new along the way that will satisfy each other.



Sex  from www.femestril.comis nowhere near as enjoyable without foreplay. Before the actual intercourse, it plays a great role in increasing the male and female libido - the innocent flirting and teasing, the thrill of the chase, the anticipation of what is coming next - all of these are ways to enhance a couple's sex drive.


Feeling Comfortable Together

The key to enjoying sex and having a good sexual health for MenReviewed is to practice safe sex. This means that you not only protect yourselves physically but mentally as well. Although sex is a fundamental human need, you need to feel comfortable with your partner. You must feel good together and feel at ease with each other.



If you see these signs in your relationship, then there is nothing to fret about your sex life.